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No boring headshots.
No Effing around.
Just custom-crafted brand photos
that Get Attention
So you can make money.

No boring headshots. No Effing around.
Just custom-crafted brand photos
that Get attention, So you can make money.

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Boost your Visual brand.

Want to know what to wear to your next photoshoot?

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A) the volume studio, for boring headshots that do zilch to show off your particular brand of awesomesauce & look like every other business in your field, or

B) hiring your neighbor's best friend's sister-in-law (the one with the "nice" camera), who will spend hours of your time churning out a bajillion photos you may or may not be able to use in the end.

Right? Ummmmm, no.

Enter Option C) Mojo Blu Photography.

Your current options are:

So, you need business photos...

I'mma make it easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

...then grab a glass of something bubbly & watch the clients roll on in.

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Your Brand

Your old brand photos are already green with envy!


meet Brookie

'Cuz those business photos aren't just pretty - they're strategic messaging that convert your browsers to buyers.

Basically... I help business owners, like you, strategically market their businesses with custom-crafted images & a plan to use them.

So you can win over the right clients without stressing about which photo to use where.

So, business photos.

You want images that are totally you, attract the right client, & convert like crazy. You don't want the session to suck. And you want those photos like, yesterday!

No worries, my friend. I got you.

As a personal brand photographer for creative business owners, I set out to do what photographers should do: focus on images that convert. 

Personal brand photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah

Hey you,
I'm Brookie Curnow!

— Traven P.

I love these photos! Such a pleasure working with you
and definitely recommend you!

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Get amazeballs photos your followers *actually* want to engage with plus an image strategy, so you can start driving up sales.

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Brand Photography

What if you could have a catalog of consistent custom-crafted photos queued up and ready for your next post or campaign? It's time for your photos to pull their weight in your business ...

... instead of *not* helping you get those paychecks.

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The Brand Photo Fix

Not a local? Not a problem!
You can DIY a brand photoshoot for your business with your phone! You'll learn how to take your own gorgeous brand photos by following this step-by-step course. Then start taking photos with your phone & let the party begin!

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Want a great way to make small visual changes as your brand & business grows, without an entire visual overhaul?
Offer your followers new photos to see each season!
Refresh your images for social with a quarterly subscription service.

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